Brazilian Notarial College creates “e-notariado”, an electronic platform for notarial services

The Brazilian Notarial College, by means of CNJ (Conselho Nacional de Justiça) Ruling nº 100/2020, created the digital platform called “e-notariado” (“Platform”). Available at, the Platform is an alternative for the performance of online notarial acts, with the same effects of the acts performed in person at notary’s offices.

The Platform allows the issuance of a digital certificate in a registered notary office, which will be able to notarize the electronic signature. The issuance of the certificate is free and enables the access to the different services by the “e-notariado” application.

The digital certificated is valid for three (3) years and, in the event the application is uninstalled, a new issuance shall be requested to the notary office.

All acts performed in the electronic format will necessarily be preceded by a notarial videoconference to register the consent of the parties regarding the act performed.

In this sense, it is only necessary to choose the applicable service on the Platform and to schedule the verification videoconference. The notary office will conduct the videoconference, which will be recorded and will comprise the reading of the document and the manifestation of the parties will. Subsequently, the document will be sent by e-mail for validation of the digital signature, being the effects of the act immediate.

Regarding the signing of deeds and powers of attorney, it is necessary to contact an accredited notary office, which will submit the document through the “e-notariado” system.

The following acts can be performed using the “e-notariado” Platform: public powers of attorney, public deed, notarial minutes, deed of purchase and sale, divorce, probate and apportionment of assets, common-law marriage, will and testament, economic dependence, advanced directives of will, minor’s emancipation, prenuptial agreement, recognition of paternity, institution of homestead right, collateral, donation, adverse possession, authentication of documents and electronic travel authorization.

Our office is at your disposal to clarify any doubts in this regard and to assist you with such matters.