Brazilian Federal Decree 10,332/20 provides for Digital Government Strategy for the period as from 2020 to 2022, by means of use of information and communication by agencies and entities of the direct, autarchic and foundational federal public administration.

Such document refers to and amends the Brazilian Federal Decree 9,319/2018 on the Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy – E-Digital and addresses several purposes of the Digital Government until 2022, especially regarding:

(a) Simplifying and speeding up the process of opening, amendment and extinction of companies in Brazil, in order to these procedures be performed in one (1) day;

(b) Scanning of all stages and the public services;

(c) Development of research and innovation projects with partners of the Federal Government, higher education institutions, the private sector and the third sector;

(d) Implementation of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) by Federal Government and ensuring the security of the Digital Government platforms, still for this year (2020);

(e) Implementation of digital payment methods for, at least, thirty percent (30) of digital public services involving charges;

(f) Provision of data sets through blockchain solutions in the federal public administration; and

(g) Enter into partnerships with institutions representing the information and communication technologies and digital identification industry with recognized collaborative participation.

Therefore, it seeks to establish a digital transformation in the Public Power optimizing data access and information sharing, and, consequently, less bureaucracy and speeding up the Brazilian public services.