Decreeno. 10,332/2020 established the Digital Government Strategy for the period 2020 to 2022, through the use of information technology and communication within the agencies and entities of the direct federal public administration.

The document references and amends Decreeno. 9,319/2018 on the Brazilian Strategy for Digital Transformation – E-Digital, and addresses several Digital Government objectives until 2022, in particular:

(a) The simplification and speeding up of the opening, alteration, and extinction of companies in Brazil, so that these procedures can be carried out in one (1) day;

(b) The transformation of all stages and digitizable public services;

(c) The development of research and innovation projects with partners from the Federal Government, higher education institutions, the private sector, and the third sector;

(d) The implementation of the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD), in the scope of the Federal Government and ensuring the security of the Digital Government platforms, still for the year 2020;

(e) The implementation of digital payment methods for at least thirty percent (30%) of digital public services that involve charging;

(f) The joint availability of data through blockchain solutions in the federal public administration; and

(g) Enter into partnerships with institutions representing the information technology, communication and digital identification industry, with recognized collaborative participation.

It seeks, therefore, to institute digital transformation in the Public Sector, generating greater optimization in data access and information sharing, and consequently, less bureaucracy and agility in public services in Brazil.

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