Five-Year Census for Companies with Foreign Capital

Dear Clients,

We inform you that is time to the five-year census of Brazilian companies and founds with foreign capital. Periodically, the Brazilian Central Bank (“BCB”) conducts a census of foreign capital in the country, with the objective of organizing statistics of the foreign sector and determining the international investment position of Brazil, as well as to support the formulation of economic and assisting the activities of economic researchers and international organizations.

The five-year census will refer to the base date of December 31, 2020, and information related to: corporate and operational structure of the Brazilian entity; economic and accounting information of the Brazilian entity; specifications regarding the foreign shareholders and investors; and information on liabilities with foreign creditors.

This statement is bound by:

(i) Brazilian companies, with direct participation, in any amount, of foreigners;

(ii) investment funds with non-resident shareholders; and

(iii) Brazilian entities, debtors of short-term commercial credits (payable in up to 360 days) to foreigners, in an amount equal to or higher than the equivalent to US$1 million.

The legal deadline for filing this statement before the BCB is from August 16, 2021.

The companies that fit into the above premises which do not submit the statement, or submit it after the legal deadline, or even submit false, incomplete, or incorrect information, will be subject to fines and sanctions to be stipulated by the BCB.

Our team is at your entire disposal to provide any necessary clarification and advise you regarding the fulfillment of the above obligation.