On December 26, 2018, through the sanction and enactment of Provisional Measure No. 867/2018, the Federal Government extended until 12/31/2019 the deadline for owners and possessors of rural properties, provided they are already registered in the Rural Environmental Registry (“CAR”), to promote adherence to the Environmental Regularization Program (“PRA”), provided for in Article 59 of the Forest Code (Law 12,651/2012).

Previously, the deadline for joining the PRA coincided with the deadline for compulsory registration in the CAR, which ended on 12/31/2018. Thus, in practice, until the end of 2019, only proof of registration in the CAR will be mandatory for access to rural credit, and it is certain that only at the end of 2019 will adhesion to the PRA under the terms of the law be mandatory for rural properties that require environmental regularization.

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